Buzo Barbados

The south coast’s freshest gossip is the opening of a new Italian and there’s no lack of talk. Aesthetically it’s modern and colourfully minimalist. Throughout the month of October the restaurant was lit in pink for Breast Cancer awareness month whilst November was all blue and yellow for Independence Day (with flowers to match no less!). The ceilings are super high and the atmosphere makes you think that the economy has completely recovered, it’s full every night.

Yet the food couldn’t be more different. The pastas have a seriously home-made-Italian-nonna feel to them. The portions are huge and heavy and the plates are even huger. Instead of getting the traditional dome of spaghetti with garnished-peaks, you find yourself with a serious load of everything mixed together: nonna-style! The fish on the menu is less Italian and the meats are very saucy but the sides are spot-on. It’s so easy to over-order but as long as you feel you have tasted everything you’ve scored. For dessert, see if you can get your hands on the chocolate soufflé.

So why all the hoo-ha? Reviews on Buzo are quite binary. Either it’s amazing or over-hyped and we know why. Buzo is straddling the local and intentional stage at the same time so if you compare it to other Italians in Barbados it’s exceptional and fresh. Yet it’s so good that people have started comparing it to restaurants around the world and if you’re going to open that door then the competition is fierce and of course it’s going to seem over-hyped. To Buzo or not to Buzo? Buzo.

Buzo, Hastings
Reservations: +1(246)629-2896
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