1359 at Port Ferdinand Barbados

13/59 at Port Ferdinand

If you’ve ever driven past Port Ferdinand, you will notice that there is a sign outside that says Open To The Public. The truth is that until you’ve been it’s an intimidating place to even […]

Patisserie Flindt
Food & Drink

Patisserie Flindt

In Holetown, opposite Limegrove, is this little breakfast treasure. The menu isn’t very complicated because it’s mainly a full-English broken down into parts so it had to be down to delivery and deliver they did. First […]

ArtSplash Barbados Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Has Arrived

ArtSplash regularly shape and reshape everything that they do and starting this Sunday they are kicking off the Sunday Brunch we always wanted. Billy is bringing in a jazz band to play from 10-1 so those eggs and avocado on […]

13 59 Pot Ferdinand Barbados
Food & Drink

Port Ferdinand

Bring a British chef to Barbados and give him too much control for comfort and expect results beyond your wildest dreams. There is no denying that as beautiful as Port Ferdinand is, it’s still eerily empty. Possibly […]

Lobster Alive
Food & Drink

Lobster Alive

When you go is as important as how you go and we think the best way to do it is a Sunday lunch on the sand while the jazz band plays. Lobster Alive started out […]

Azure The Crane Barbados
Things To Do

Gospel Choir Brunch

L’Azure at The Crane Hotel is a spectacular spot to have lunch, high on a cliff-edge, overlooking the dazzling white sands of one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. As far as views go this […]