Naru Barbados

Ever since the boardwalk was built, the best thing any restaurateur could do was open up a terrace right on the edge. There is little more pleasant than watching the famous south-coast sunsets as runners jog past you with occasional waves and winks. And to be fair there are only a couple of restaurants that have successfully jumped on this chance. Naru is one of them so even if you got there and they declared there was no more sushi, you would still be spoiled with a table overlooking the water. Let’s step back a second. It’s a great place to get sushi on a work-night and just sit at the sushi bar watching them cut everything up whilst you take all your sashimi for a swim in the soya sauce.

The sushi at Naru can be very good there but it’s nothing to write home about. The menu is exciting enough to try fresh concoctions but every now and again it disappoints when the crispy seaweed wraps have turned moist and chewy. Drinks might take a long time too but they’re excellent and you will be hard-fetched to find a more interesting cocktail menu on the island. Lychee and Sake make regular appearances and no drink looks man enough so prep yourself for a good mini-parasol or two. Definitely a great place for a date but work your budget into the drinks because they’re where the money is.


The Shak Shak Complex, Hastings, Christchurch
Reservations: +1(246)228-6278
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