Lancaster Great House

Lancaster Great House Barbados

Make no mistake, visiting Lancaster Great House is walking into a home that has been opened up to the public so expect nothing short of a personal welcome. John Chandler and his wife Rain moved from their former Fisherpond House to offer an even richer experience much closer to the humdrum of the west coast. The couple opened the doors to their new home to serve lunch of Thursdays and Sundays and because that isn’t enough Friday nights is about Mr Chandler’s Dinner Party. It’s a 5-course dinner for 20 people at a time on the oldest mahogany table on the island, peppered with stories John Chandler will tell you himself as you learn very quickly that he is a natural born talker.

The lunches are four-course Caribbean buffets with pre-drinks around the gardens and a pianist hammering away on his black and whites. We loved their Jamaican saltfish and ackee and, naturally, ran for the pepperpot which was perfect every bite through. Desserts were varied but it’s a buffet so you can’t really get it wrong.

It’s an excellent day out and an very dreamy uprooting experience that you wish you never needed to wake up from.


Lancaster, St James
Reservations: +1(246)266-8752
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