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❤❤❤❤🖤 | $$$$$ The tomatoes are awesome, the onions are the best we’ve had, the watermelons actually taste of watermelon, the melons make your melons look malnourished, their sweet peppers are sweet, their lettuce is fresh […]

ArtSplash Farmer's Market Barbados
Things To Do

Hastings Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday and Saturday, between 8am and 2pm the South Coast has only one place you should be. On a Wednesday it’s the perfect place for a work lunch and on Saturday you should be […]

Brighton Farmer's Market Barbados
Things To Do

Brighton Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings are filled with apathy and a sprinkle of hangover. If you’re up for canoodling with the ex-pats and giving your kids other kids to play with then get in your car and drive in-land. […]