VegCo – The Farm with a Store

❤❤❤❤🖤 | $$$$$ The tomatoes are awesome, the onions are the best we’ve had, the watermelons actually taste of watermelon, the melons make your melons look malnourished, their sweet peppers are sweet, their lettuce is fresh […]


DJ Puffy

What kind of person do you have to be to enter the international Thr3style DJ competition as a wild card and win? A DJ Puffy kind of person. When we called around BMW started telling […]


Stepping Stones – The Buggy Story

Who are you today and who are you going to be in your final stretch? It’s not a bad question when we spend so much time creating an identity for ourselves. There’s the job that […]



“When I was 6 years old I gave my first blow job”. This is just one of thousands of #LifeInLeggings stories that have taken social media by storm. Triggered by personal stories and aiming to […]



There is a naivety in children that we love, laugh and joke about. We all had it once and it comes bundled with telling people they look old, wondering why Asian people have different eyes, […]

Blood Anderson Armstrong

Blood & Cash

29th November, Blood will be performing at Barbados is Music at the Kensington Oval. Get tickets here Anderson Armstrong grew up in The Pine as the little guy in his group. He was musical from […]

Stars in our Kia(r)

Iron Pipe in Our Kiar

Who are they? Adrian Green, DJ Simmons, Simon Pipe.   What are they? Iron Pipe is a mixture of Iron Sharpen Iron, the spoken wordists, (we’ve made that word up… We’re running with it) and […]

Stephen The Lion's Share Barbados

The Lion’s Share

From farm to table: Eat fresh and stay young with the best organic food Underneath a sky so cloudless and blue it feels like something from a dream, the green tarpaulin of the Lion’s Share […]