Trini Doubles

Trini Doubles Barbados

If you’ve tasted some Trini Doubles before this might be no news to you but if you haven’t then perk right up again. It’s like a roti… but better… and it’s from Trinidad. You don’t have much choice for fillings but choice isn’t what you want. What you’re looking for is to eat it there and then so that it doesn’t get wrapped up because you don’t want it wrapped up! Lisa’s the young lady selling at the bottom of Rendez-Vous and she’s got more smiles than a toothpaste commercial. She overlaps two bara (fried flatbread) and adds the channa (curried chickpeas) and then hands it to you to eat like that because it’s easier and cleaner and better. When you get doubles to go they get rolled up and everything gets messy so stick around like everyone else and make friends with the other full-mouthed double-fans.

You know that any Trini is going to tell you how they tasted better in Trinidad but even by Trini standards these aren’t bad at all. There are three locations but our favourite remains the one with Lisa because she’s just so peppy and exciting.


Rendezvous, Christ Church
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