Raw Juice Barbados
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Raw Juice

❤❤❤❤❤ | $$$$$ And you think you’re being healthy?! Think again! Barbados is no Costa Rica and getting good fruit is a lot harder than we could ever have hoped for which is why getting enough fruit is even […]

Sips Smoothies Barbados
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Sips Smoothies

It doesn’t matter what you order, you will walk away thinking how cool Corey is. The bright orange Sips vans drives around the island so check the Sips Smoothie twitter and Facebook to find out where they’ll […]

Brito's Barbados
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Brito’s is the newest work-food entrant on the restaurant circuit and it’s hidden in the centre of Warrens behind the Williams Towers. If you’re not working nearby it won’t be your first choice but when […]