Castaways Barbados

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Every Bajan chef is so proud of his heritage that every menu around the island is something with a Bajan twist. Sushi, burgers, steaks, pizza, spaghetti… Everything! Castaways have taken that idea and run with it. Everything on the menu is a twist from somewhere different… They even made a Bajan taco! That said Castaways has ventured a little further and made Bajan dishes that were Bajan to start with and they’ve twisted those as well. We tried their mac pie because it had baked ham and three cheeses in it and they’ve done well. Then there’s Escovitch (Jamaica), Braised Oxtail (Guyanese-style), Wings (US), Meatballs (Italy), Tuna Tartar (Japanese), Chicken Coconut Soup (Thailand) and the list just keeps on going.
There are a few Bajan items on the menu that haven’t been twisted because they were supposed to be Bajan in the first place… And they’re good! The fishcakes are good but we can already hear you shouting that no one makes better fishcakes than your Aunt Grace. But does Aunt Grace make pumpkin fritters which have been tossed around in cinnamon sugar? She probably does. Ok but who said she even wants to make you pumpkin fritters?!

We love our country and the next generation is trying to bring even more life to it by creating new beginnings with our great heritage. The Castaways duo have pulled off culinary evolution and it’s great fun to be able to look at a menu and to want to try everything. It’s a little bit different, it’s creative, it’s fun and the setting is perfect.

We will also add that there is a cocktail on their menu called the Patty BoomBoom that you have to try. It’s like an espresso martini on steroids. Don’t have more than two or you will still be up at 4am shaking from the mix of caffeine and sugar.

Saturdays: Possibly the best Pudding & Souse on the rock

Rocks: Perfect for Pudding & Souse or romantic evenings
Knocks: The food can take a long time so arrive early

St Lawrence Gap
Reservations: +1(246)420-7587
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