Chicken Rita’s

Chicken Rita's

Have no illusions, Rita devised the recipe for the most ridiculous chicken on Earth and no one knows how she did it. There is no copying Chicken Rita and we have come to one final guess: the chicken is stuffed and roasted with herbs before then being deep fried. So to round up, deep fried roasted chicken. As we said, the most ridiculous chicken on Earth.

Chicken Rita’s menu is chicken, chips and salad. The wait is long so prep yourself at home with a snack. You can’t spoil your appetite because there is only one truth, you’ll eat too much chicken anyway. It’s worth every second of the wait so definitely get a good group of friends together and enjoy the company; there’s not much talking when the food arrives.


Oceanview Road & Landsdown, Silver Sands
Reservations: +1(246)428-6873