Pizza at Drift

Pizza at Drift Barbados

Every Friday and Saturday, Gianluca will be cooking up pizzas in his portable oven at Drift. Good question. Gianluca is the guy who was running the kitchen at Timothy Oulton so if you were wondering what happened to those pizzas, here’s your answer. The pop-up follows in the line of the sushi-nights at Drift every other Thursday and it’s just as good. Where we would recommend three sushi platters for two people, here we’re happy that a pizza is good enough for anyone. The cheese-mix is the best we’ve had on the island, the Funghi has white truffle oil and the Siciliana has Italian sausage meatballs. The downside is that we’ve pretty much covered the whole menu already.

At first glance four pizzas isn’t enough choice for anyone but at the end of dinner no one will utter a bad word. It’s like reading a really good book; it might not be your style but if it’s written really well you can still love it. Which four pizzas? Four of the most universally ordered pizzas. Fair enough. As long as the ingredients stay as fresh as they are and the crust remains as thin and crispy we know we are on to something good.

The best bit is how underrated Drift is. It’s quiet, it’s on the ocean, the stars shine through easily and the service is good. Now add pizza. Good pizza.

The cocktail list is refreshingly different and the lemonades are top notch. If this pizza night sticks and we can do this every weekend we’re winning. It’s a fixed $40 for any of the pizzas so go as a group of four, order all of them and then share. Be the person who cuts the Funghi so you can accidentally cut yourself the biggest slice.


Drift Lounge, Holetown
Reservations: +1(246)432-2808
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