Apsara Samudra

Apsara Samudra Barbados

There are only a couple of places in Barbados where you can find some really good Indian food and they seem to be at polar ends of this rock. So if you find yourself closer to the South than the North, head to Apsara. We haven’t fully sampled their Thai menu but their Indian menu is excellent. The spices are sharp and tangy without excesses, they let you pick your level of spice so you feel free to sample anything and everything and the restaurant itself was designed impeccably. Excellent value for money.

Everything down to the Peshwari Naan has been executed perfectly but not every visit will be as perfect as the last. We absolutely loved our Roasted Eggplant Combined With Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic the first time but just wish it was as good the second time. Get a reservation and go before you get hungry in case it takes a long time for your food to arrive.


 St Lawrence Gap
Reservations: +1(246)420-5454
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