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And you think you’re being healthy?! Think again! Barbados is no Costa Rica and getting good fruit is a lot harder than we could ever have hoped for which is why getting enough fruit is even harder. We are spoiled with bananas, coconuts and eventually avocado but the rest seem is rarer and more expensive. A lot more expensive. Enter Raw Juice.

Most days you’ll be standing in the highly air-conditioned queue surrounded by all the sweaty sport-lovers of this holy rock and when it’s finally your turn you feel empowered. You can basically do anything you want at Raw Juice. We always see people ordering Shades of Green(cucumber, kale, kiwi, broccoli, apple) or Drop the Beet (hardy-har beetroot wordplay) and recently they’ve pushed their new Mr O with banana, cocoa, chia, PB2, oats and almond milk. They’re all good and if  you’re anything like us you’ll have slurped the whole thing down in seconds.

The crux comes with the Acai Bowls. Raw Juice have mixed Dole bags of fruit together with fresh fruit and then topped it off with granola and berries to make the wondrous bowls of ice-cream-cold goodness. The sporty-ones in the queue add hemp protein and top it off with chia seeds just to make sure they’re extra hippy. There’s no denying that they’re delicious by international standards and if you leave it for 10-mins before indulging you’ll realise that the tastes come out even stronger because your palette isn’t numbed by the cold… and it even gets a bit gooky!  The downside is that the fruit comes in Dole bags or from the USA… And American fruit doesn’t have a lot of reasons to be celebrated. Also the acai is a powder. We didn’t know this. Health-machines tell us that acai is better in powder form. As long as it’s a fruity-ice-cream we’re happy.

We have tasted a lot of Acai bowls around the world and these remain some of the best. You’ll be tempted to go for the Mixed-Berry Acai bowl but try the Strawberry instead. Not only does it taste fresher and more berry-ish but it’s topped off with raw cocoa nibs.

Rocks: Great recipes, great healthy food, great unhealthy food
Knocks: If you get a juice a day you won’t realise how much money you’re spending

Quayside Mall, Rockley Main Road, Christchurch
Contact: +1(246)622-1682
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