Brito's Barbados

Brito’s is the newest work-food entrant on the restaurant circuit and it’s hidden in the centre of Warrens behind the Williams Towers. If you’re not working nearby it won’t be your first choice but when you get there the service is quick so you never have a long wait. The decor is clean with modern Bajan prints and details that separate it from most lunch spots on the rock.

Their choices aren’t complicated. You order from their counter as you enter and then sit down and the food will come to you. They have good Moroccan chicken skewers served with rice or, our favourite, the salad bar. You get to create your own salad from an impressive variety of fresh, genuinely nutritious options which is a welcomed luxury because you don’t get stuck with bowls of lettuce and a decorative slice of tomato. Tailor the ingredients to what you like… Or what you should be eating.

You get to select two “bases” from arugula, mixed greens, romaine, couscous, quinoa or pasta. You then get to choose three toppings from over twelve options including smoked salmon, chicken, gruyere (holy cheese!), grapes and eggs. Finally, you choose one of their homemade dressings and leave the salad master to do the rest. Portions are well sized and given the price of quality nutritious ingredients, it’s impressive that you can get a salad and a fresh juice for well under $30.

There are over fifteen different types of fresh juices including smoothies and protein shakes. Here Brito’s has gone one step further – they partnered with celebrated WFBB Pro and nutritionist Ryall Graber to publish the nutritional content for each juice. Try First Day of Summer which is a crisp mint-lime-agave-cucumber mix… It’s only 61 calories. While there are a few wraps and sandwiches for the indulgent, the salads and juices are where the money is. Cropover body here we come.


Brito’s Eat Fit, Warrens
Telephone: +1(246)537-2348
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