Pizza at The Lion’s Share

Pizza Lion's Share Barbados

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Back in November we wrote about this vegan gem in Warrens. You have definitely seen the green signs near the countless roundabouts but it’s high time you try it for yourself. The owner has some of the most exotic ingredients you could find on this rock and the chances are, he has grown them himself.

When he started out everything was about the home-grown seeds that he crushed right before adding being stirred into his cooking. The plants he used were his own, the recipes are certainly his and when you’re eating anything, from his burritos to the chocolate cake, you know it’s all vegan.
Now that his pizza oven is ready he has been turning that dough. You have to remember that everything on the pizza is vegan. The cheese is a cashew paste, the crust is multi-grain flax seed and the tomato sauce is… Well… Tomato sauce. Freshly picked basil from his garden, beans and tamarind olive oil salsa et voila!

How he managed to make a pizza without cheese or flour probably explains why it tastes like it tastes but if being vegan is your thing you will love it! Our problem is that it tastes very similar to most other things that you can eat there. It’s just the shape and texture that really makes any difference.

Rocks: The most passionate vegan you’ll meet with the biggest ideas
Knocks: Different menu items can end up tasting very similar

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