Crossfit Islandfit Barbados
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Crossfit at IslandFit

You know when you’re with friends and they’re trying something for the first time and they just do it really easily even though everyone else is having a hard time? CrossfFit makes you that person. […]

Boosey's Surf School Barbados
Things To Do

Boosey’s Surf School

We had never been surfing before when we had our 1st lesson with Christian Boos and were a little unsure of what to expect but this guy is a legend. He immediately puts everyone at […]

Bodie's School of Surf Barbados
Things To Do

Bodie’s School of Surf

So you want to surf Barbados? If you ask any good surfer where you can learn they’ll point you to Bodie. He’s the guy everyone on this island loves and he’s gained the unbridled respect of many. Having […]

Animal Flower Cave Barbados
Things To Do

Animal Flower Cave

Things at the Animal Flower Cave are changing at breakneck speed and it’s stunning. What was once a hole in the ground is now a growing attraction worth any island-crossing. If you haven’t been in a few […]

Santosha Yoga Barbados
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Santosha Paddleboard Yoga

Do one thing daily that challenges you! That’s the mantra for healthy, happy people. Do something new every day. That’s the mantra at ilovethisrock. Do both and you’re winning. If you’re not being challenged then […]

Parliament Museum Barbados
Things To Do

Parliament Museum

Without a doubt, one of the best visits in Barbados and also one of the least well known. It’s easy to say museums are boring but did you know that you can sit in on […]

Surfer's Cafe Barbados
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Surfer’s Cafe

Do you walk around in a rash vest with long sun-kissed hair and pearl-white teeth? It’s irrelevant. There are two tables on mini balconies at the end that seat two. If you go for breakfast you […]

Lancaster Great House Barbados
Food & Drink

Lancaster Great House

Make no mistake, visiting Lancaster Great House is walking into a home that has been opened up to the public so expect nothing short of a personal welcome. John Chandler and his wife Rain moved from their former […]

Brighton Farmer's Market Barbados
Things To Do

Brighton Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings are filled with apathy and a sprinkle of hangover. If you’re up for canoodling with the ex-pats and giving your kids other kids to play with then get in your car and drive in-land. […]

Jammin Barbados
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Jammin’ Catamaran

There are definitely enough Catamarans to get yourself a good sunburn and to date we haven’t found a better experience than the Jammin Catamaran. It feels like a wedding in that there are all age-groups, you’re […]