National Heroes: Sir Grantley Herbert Adams

An attorney-at-law, Sir Grantley Adams was the first Premier of Barbados and the only Prime Minister of the, now defunct, West Indies Federation. A visionary leader, he was known as Moses as it was believed that he was the man send by the Almighty to serve the people. Educated at Harrison College, he received the Barbados Scholarship and studied at Oxford University in England. He had one son, Tom, who also received the Barbados Scholarship and also went to study at Oxford University before eventually becoming Barbados’s second Prime Minister. When you visit the Parliament Museum you will see his original initialled satchel in a glass case.

Sir Adams’s accomplished a lot that contributed towards social change and Barbados calling for its independence in 1966. By 1949 Adams had wrestled power away from the ruling plantocracy and in 1951 Adams secured universal suffrage.

Barbados Parliament Museum, Bridgetown
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