Tiki Pies

Tiki Pies Barbados

❤❤❤❤❤ / $$$$$

Honestly, the highest-quality, nail-on-the-head-hitting food stand to appear in a long time. Tiki pies have had a mini history selling from cafes and restaurants but for the past year their kiosks are killing it. A pie is a pie is a pie is a pie. Sure… But not really.

When you wake up in the middle of the night with a craving so strong you’re competing with your pregnant wife, you know something is going on. The chicken one is what they always have in abundance but the deal breaker is the potato top shepherd’s pie. Scrap that, try the Southern Tomato. It’s like a pizza in a pie but it has fresh tomatoes and even pesto. It’s insane.

If you get there before they open you can choose whatever you want but be prepared to hear that they have sold out of quite a lot. The key is to get there before everyone else. We’ve rounded that to 3 minutes before 11am. Then there’s a chance that they’ve sold out. Long story short, build a cabin in a tree not too far out and keep a strategic lookout for the morning delivery. One day, you too, can taste outstanding pastry.

We’re going to add – they serve Dawn Patrol coffee which is pretty undeniably good. They don’t burn their coffee so even the espresso is fruity and fresh. A single shot might not be as excitingly tasty so prep yourself for a double shot cappuccino and then use that adrenaline rush to build Rome in a day.

Rocks: The few things they’ve chosen to do, they do best
Knocks: They run out way too quickly

Tiki Pies, Bayside Plaza (Near The Radisson)
Contact: +1(246)831-1491 
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