Curry & Kebab Night

Curry & Kebab Night Accra Hotel Barbados

❤❤❤❤🖤 / $$$$$

When a hotel does something non-Bajan they’re still lining you up for Mother Sally or pan. Truth be told there isn’t a lot that draws us into hotel entertainment because a lot of the time it’s really cheesy… And no matter how much they say Bajan entertainment you start wondering when it was that you last saw Bajans doing any of those things. What Accra have started doing is a Curry & Kebab night where bang is pretty much what you get for your buck.

First up it’s a buffet. On one side you have the kebab station where the chefs cut you up some fresh slices and on the other you have a selection of curries and rice. And they’re good! We don’t need to plough through the delicacies of spices etc. Curry and a Kebab. There. We said it.

So when you want to start to justify the price you give yourself excuses as always but what’s funny is that they’ve laid it out so that you have to walk past desserts to get to the main courses. Sneaky Accra people, they knew what they were doing. We could easily blow $80 just on desserts so the whole affair is a no-brainer.

Go meat yourself up and then lather yourself in pudding.

Every Tuesday

Rocks: The only massive Indian buffet you’ll find
Knocks: It’s at Accra so expect tourist-entertainment and old decor

Accra Hotel, Rockley
Reservations: +1 246-435-8920
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