Hash House Harriers

Barbados Hash House Harriers

❤❤❤❤❤ | Every Saturday and Bank Holiday

The Hash House Harriers is a self-proclaimed drinking club with a running problem… And frankly if we were to ever agree to any nonsense that people self-proclaim themselves to be, this is definitely it. But there is something undeniably delightful in this island rampage with a boisterous group of loons.

They meet every Saturday at different locations throughout Barbados to embark on a walk/run with guaranteed camaraderie, a love for beer and a definite appreciation for social adventure (a term we coined 8 seconds ago). Everyone wears bright clothes and often ridiculous get-ups with an aim to bolt down streets and countryside routes hollering ‘on-on’. What is actually happening is a genius idea.

There is a flour trail around Barbados that isn’t easy to follow. The runners race on ahead of the group (they want to win) but they run the risk of going the wrong way because they’re the ones who have to find the trail while the slower people can follow the ones that got it right. So run and get lost or go slow and guarantee success.

The trails are usually 5-8km long and could lead you anywhere. You will find yourself in rural and urban areas, passing stately plantation houses and fish markets, national parks and back yards, stunning look-out points, beaches, gullies, villages and the occasional sheep.

This is possibly the best way to experience Barbados in a way that is incomparable to anything else.

During the post-hash ceremony, known as “down-downs,” hashers are recognized for achievements and punished for made-up crimes like being a “trollop” or “hog” or simply wearing new shoes. The rewards and punishments are one and the same… As long as they get you a little more tipsy.
Although Hashers enthusiastically show support for skilled beer-chugging, drinking is certainly not mandatory but you should also be warned that if you tend to clutch your pearls at a bit of dry humour it might be a good idea to skip the down-downs. Survivors of the down-downs move on to a BBQ. What’s not to love?

There is no age limit and no sign-up fee. Simply check the website to find out the time and location and show up. When you do show up, for a bonus laugh, wear a black shirt and tell all of the hashers that Andre the R.A. sent you!


Rocks: Only the nicest people with a streak of adventure in them
Knocks: Everyone who goes never stops talking about it

Hash House Harriers
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