BADASS’n: Diving Deeper into Diving

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The Barbados Divers Association is a group of divers that decided that diving wasn’t badass enough. BADASS’n is what they do. It’s open to anyone… who signs up to be a member. When you go out with them you will meet some PADI Instructors, Divemasters, Rescue Divers and just good old normal divers. The challenge we set you is trying to tell who’s who.

Morning prep followed by dive followed by social.

Barbados has an excellent reputation for dive tours. We’re used to having a dive-leader on every outing who will show you around the reefs and uncover the magic that only experience can find. The truth is that in many places around the world you’re told to buddy up and off you go. In unknown territory that’s a rubbish idea… So it’s only when you’re with a group of well-rounded aficionados that it makes sense to give everyone that freedom to explore… And if there’s one thing you have with BADASS it’s that freedom.

How it works is actually quite interesting. Once you’re a member you have decision making power at least once per year. You decide which dive club everyone goes to and then negotiate where everyone is going diving. So the dive clubs themselves are involved and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the people who own or run most dive clubs in Barbados… All in the same boat.

There are young and old, geeky and funky, men and women and then amongst them you’ll find the group hellbent on ridding the Caribbean sea of every lionfish ever. EVER. Everyone is cool prepping their equipment, laughing as they get in the water, but the second they go down they are on a mission.

The dive is around 45min and it’s hilarious how the lionfish hunters act relaxed about everything until you hear their stories at the end. Who got what because who was in front of who and how big were they and had you not worn fins I would have caught the b*stard… It’s what makes the entire trip worth it. Conversations that no money can buy.

Over time the socials have started taking on a life of their own so don’t be surprised if you find yourself slaloming to your car after a full day of boozing… The photos will prove you had gone diving that morning… And maybe the wet stuff you left in your trunk overnight.

In the photo above the whole group finished the dive at a rum shop in Carlton with fried chicken that would make the Colonel weep. Outstanding.

Rocks: Amazing sense of belonging for repeat divers
Knocks: Not for beginner divers

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