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If you’ve ever walked into the Gap and a man dressed, head-to-toe, in the same colour has ushered you into a restaurant, you were at Crave.  There is live music every night and it’s that right volume so you can still have a lovely evening without your conversations being ground to a deafening halt. It’s just like it should be.

The food is a game of fusion. Fish’n’chips with mahi-mahi? Smoked chicken and pastas with a twist? You can’t go wrong. The bar is also one of their hotspots. It’s massively underrated and it’s not where you would initially expect to go but once you’re there you understand why. They make possibly the meanest Bajan lemonade on the island and their list of base ingredients is long… So cocktails… Flow. Fact.

Rocks: Live music every night, awesome for birthdays
Knocks: Short-staffed

Crave, St Lawrence Gap
Reservations: +1(246)420-1518
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