3 Hotel Restaurants You Need To Know

Cobblers Cove Barbados


❤❤❤❤❤ | $$$$$

One of our favourites is Camelot, the restaurant at Cobbler’s Cove. It’s one of the best kept secrets, but it’s also the one that isn’t afraid to push the buck. If only we had more of these. Over the past few years they’ve brought in star-chefs from Michel Roux to Dhruv Baker, put them up in the hotel and had them cook ridiculously creative meals over several days. Their resident chef, Jason Joseph, is outstanding and everything he touches just works. Fridays is their seafood night where they serve it every which way; caviar, ceviche, sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, ravioli and on and on. Sundays they serve a lobster lunch and we forbid you to leave before tasting their cold lobster salad. Freshest thing on the island.

Asian Spice

❤❤❤❤🖤 | $$$$$

One of our favourite secluded spots is the Indian restaurant at the All Seasons Resort (what used to be the Europa). Asian Spice has some of the best Indian food money can buy. We’ll take that a step further, some of the best Mughlai food that money can buy. Asian Spice was our cover story for the first ever issue of I Love This Rock because of how they pulled things together. The owner, Soni, brought the chefs from her favourite restaurant in India and they’ve since settled here and make nothing short of magic in the kitchen. There was also the story of an Indian guest who told Soni how the food reminded her of a particular restaurant in Mumbai… Funnily enough, can you guess where the chefs were poached from? Amazing. Their tandoor oven is where you’re headed because that is where they redefine tender. Have your usual indian as you do… But if you get the chance to try something new you want something from the tandoor oven. Most of their produce as is home-grown here on the rock but a lot of their spices fly 14,000km to be sprinkled over your dinner. That, is pretty cool.

Umi Sushi

❤❤❤🖤🖤 | $$$$$

Hotel sushi is possibly one of the biggest disappointments but one place got it right. Sugar Bay on the South Coast is an all-inclusive so they secure the area better than an airbase in Kandahar. When you arrive they essentially escort you the whole way through so that you don’t accidentally get stuck at the bar. Upstairs they have Umi Sushi and it’s awesome. Not only is the sushi as good as it gets for Barbados but they’ve gone creative and mixed things up. Everything has a twist and that’s what makes it interesting… And the service is hilariously over-zealous. We will say that they add a lot of their spicy mayo to most dishes so it might be worth asking for them to put it on the side (but phrase it carefully because they covered our sushi in mayo anyway and then brought us extra on the side).