Scarlet Barbados

❤❤❤❤❤ | $$$$$

It’s the reddest place on Earth. For some reason Scarlet’s reputation is super strong but not necessarily very wide and that’s a shame because more people should know that they do well. Very well. Normally we’re not big fans of loitering at the bar before dinner but this is one of those places where it’s worth factoring-in your pre-meal bar-time because it’s as good as the food. The drinks are spot-on and make sure you have the truffle popcorn even if it’s the only thing you do.

Ok, so they have no windows, the inside is painted completely red and if you stay there long enough you’ll start to wonder if you can remember the other colours of the rainbow. It’s smart, colourful and cosmopolitan; there are Andy Warhol prints lining the walls and even one a quote of his: The world fascinates me. Wow. Deep, Andy. Deep.

We don’t want to say that the food is perfect but no matter how well you know Scarlet it’s impossible to remember how good it is. The result is that every time we go back we’re surprised again. Bonus! Most restaurants on the rock will try to cater for everyone by cooking everything from everywhere. Scarlet isn’t an exception so you could order anything from sesame prawn toast to arancini but their nod to Bajan cuisine is strong. If you get the chance, order the Baxter’s Road Fried Chicken. In fact, everything is pretty damn strong.

Did we mention it was red?

Rocks: Consistently great dishes and an unchanging menu
Knocks: Smaller bites/plates can be expensive

Scarlet, West Coast Main Road, St James
Reservations: +1(246)432-3663
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