Icetopia Barbados

If you haven’t already heard about the outdoor ice-skating in Barbados you’ve clearly been living in a hole (or abroad… But you have the internet so there are no excuses). The story is that an Italian guy called Pablo didn’t want to be in the restaurant business anymore and then had a genius idea. Mock it all you like – his business is packed most nights… Every day of the week! During interviews, he talks about opening up many more around the island and then he will be taking his concept to the rest of the Caribbean.

Now to answer the pressing questions that we know are burning in your loin. It’s not ice at all but they are definitely ice-skates. He has found a type of plastic that mimics ice. It’s not cold, it’s not wet, it’s just plastic and it works. Herein lies two commercial advantages. Firstly, he doesn’t need to keep the plastic cool so his air conditioning bill is zero. Secondly, it means he doesn’t have to use huge amounts of water. In a drought-stricken country like ours that’s a big deal.

Does it work well? Yes. It’s open from 5pm to about midnight most nights of the week and we would even recommend booking in advance.


Icetopia, Wildey Business Park
Reservations: +1(246)537-6936
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