Sahara Barbados

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There are only a handful of places that serve middle-eastern food so once you’ve found one you can ask if you’ve found the right one. We’re pretty sure this is the right one. Most days you will find Daddy Sahara with one of his two sons serving up platters and kebabs that are spot-on. The comedy in all of this is that it’s called Sahara even though they’re not from Egypt. The truth is, had they named it after anything else in the middle-east (except maybe Kandahar or Baghdad) you probably might not understand the name. But Sahara it is and middle-eastern food it definitely is. Food in the entire region varies wildly but the original dishes all came from Syria thousands of years ago. This style? This is like the Syrian recipes. You can’t get more authentic than this. All of the ingredients are excellent and the spices and herbs are perfect. It’s a genuine grandma’s-recipe restaurant. In fact, the owner’s wife makes the flatbread from scratch… Not because flatbread doesn’t exist here… But because hers is much better.

The best place to start is a grilled chicken platter with their salad and hummus. It’s juicy, it’s fresh, it’s packed with spices and you will always ome back for more. When you come at lunch you will always have a buzz of people who chat to the owners as they prepare your food. They have laid out a few tables so you can eat there comfortably and they’ve got a juicer so you can have freshly-juiced juices. Just going to say it one more time. Juice.
Bayside Plaza near the Radisson

Rocks: So much taste, such arduous labour, never a mistake
Knocks: Can get very smokey

South Coast Road, Hastings
Reservations: +1(246)437-8281
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