Mike’s Rum Punch

Mike's Fresh Bajan Rum PunchMike's Fresh Bajan Rum Punch

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There has always been a big hullabaloo about who makes the best rum-punch so we’re going to say that everyone else got it wrong and we’re the only one who know the truth (relax yourself, it’s just an opinion… the best opinion). Amongst us, Rocks and Rockettes in the office, this is an outstanding rum-punch. Everyone we tasted it with agrees. So there.

As the saying goes one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak… We realised that instead of using water or ice as weak, the best weak we could use was a different rum-punch. It was the best accident… Ever. So find a second rum punch of your choosing and use it to dilute Mike’s Rum Punch.

And this is why we believe it’s the best rum-punch. It’s so alive that the idea of mere water or ice is sacrilegious. One nice touch that we loved was how every bottle comes with a nutmeg attached to it. Fresh. Just like you want it.
Mike is hilarious and he’ll deliver the bottles to your front door for you. Otherwise keep your eyes peeled because it has started turning up in the usual spots.

Rocks: Always fresh, always strong
Knocks: Not always easy to find a bottle

Mike’s Fresh Bajan Rum Punch
Deliveries: +1(246)252-8884