Touch Saturday Nights at Primo

Primo Barbados

There’s a bump-up happening in St Lawrence Gap now and Primo seems to be a part of this. The Cin Cin owners opened this restaurant to bring a Cin Cin experience down to the South Coast and we always wondered why they did it in the Gap.

Well now we know. They really are positioned at the mouth of the Gap and they deliberately built an outside lounge/bar area that opens onto the street. If anything this really isn’t a very Cin Cin thing to do and, until now, they never really used it properly.

If you go there on a Saturday night you will see how well it works. The DJs change every week and there is a whole free-shooters option for VIPs and then there’s an all inclusive ticket so you can go and just, stay. The one element that we find crucial here is that there is a really good mix of people. Once you’ve been to a few of these night-outs you find yourself faced with the same people and it gets tiring but this is where they score big. As with all new ventures, good luck from us and we’ll see you there.