Shorty’s Ice Cream

Shorty's Ice Cream

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There is always something special to be said about home-made ice cream and Shorty’s is such a long-going venture that it’s now an institution. A lot of us have grown up on Shorty’s and it really hits the spot even as adults. We got used to seeing Mr Shorty himself and now his daughter has kept it alive.

Shorty’s home-made ice cream has always been sold from a colourful box cart outside the Voyager Limited store on Lower Broad Street in Bridgetown… and it has been there every Sunday evening for at least 20 years. We’re not going to embark on how creamy it is nor how many flavours there are because that’s not what Shorty’s is about. It’s stored in an antique metal ice cream maker and is served using a table-spoon. Adios scooper, the spoon is back! It’s rumoured that the Shorty’s recipes have been passed down for generations and that Miss Shorty is carrying on her father’s legacy.

She makes a light and not-so-creamy classic vanilla with a hint of spice and if you’re lucky you’ll get to taste the creamier coconut flavour. Let’s not forget that she sets out to sell on Sunday evenings when Bridgetown is empty so you can expect to see people in their cars getting their sugar-fix.

Rocks: Unique texture and flavours
Knocks: Impossible to find her most of the time

Lower Broad Street, Bridgetown