Chilly Moo’s

Chilly Moo's Barbados

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There is only one place to be on a Sunday night and that is stuffing your face in with the most ridiculous sugar-rush on this humble rock at Chilly Moo’s. So it’s ice-cream right? Well yes… and no. No ice-cream at Chilly Moo’s seems to be complete until you’ve added Reese’s Pieces and marshmallows and nuts and caramel sauce. Because what they do is put your ice-cream scoop(s) on a chopping board and hack the extra toppings deep into the core of your serving so that you will find some sparkle in every lick (I said a lick!)

More than that it has become a south-coast institution because it’s one of the only things to do on a Sunday… Don’t get me started on finding something on a Sunday night. Enter Chilly Moo.

They make their waffle cones on site and you can smell it from all over Quayside. It’s out of this world. In fact it’s almost rude to have an ice-cream without asking for a waffle cone.

Rocks: Perfect Sunday do-nothing activity
Knocks: It’s a bit 90s

Quayside Mall, Christchurch
Contact: +1(246)435-1877
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