Bistro Monet

Bistro Monet Barbados

There isn’t an inch of this island that’s as underrated as Bistro Monet and we have no idea why. Is it that the name is too cheesy? The food is so surprisingly good we couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves. Where did the place even come from and why did it take us so long to try it out?! We started with Vol-au-vents (Yes! They have vol-au-vents on the menu!) to remind us of our childhood and they were so well filled we were stumped. The ingredients all came to life together and tickled our palettes. Perhaps the pastry could be softer but for $18 we would have gladly accepted a block of wood. Their rack of lamb was very soft and their herb-mash not too salty. The beef was a bit tough to navigate because of a streak of gristle but beef is beef.

The wine-list wasn’t amazing or very French but given how little we were paying for the meal we should never have expected a 200-bottle cellar. That said the food makes you wish you could order some fantastic vintages; it was all there. The service made things even better. We only wish we had come earlier.


Hastings Main Road, Christ Church
Reservations: +1(246)622-1920
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