Sizzle Steakhouse

Sizzle Steakhouse Sugar Bay Barbados

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Beef is a very different animal in Europe when you compare it to what you get in ‘merrrca and Sizzle is of the latter. Expect portion size to be of capital importance and BBQ sauce to follow in a close second place. The beef itself is actually quite good for an island that has four and a half cows. Beef isn’t really even on our palettes but sizzle have done a good job of making it taste good.

France’s beef has a reputation that isn’t international news, but local knowledge prevails, and a slice there comes more than an inch off your plate. That said they would probably throw you out if you asked for it to be cooked a little bit more than ‘saignant’ (French for just-you-dare-heat-it-up-or-I-will-come-to-your-fifth-floor-apartment-by-stairs-because-the-lift-will-probably-be-out-of-order-and-beat-you-with-a-stale-baguette).

Americans are more relaxed about their beef but they like it much thinner and a little more… Cooked. Actually the best way to have their rib-eye is medium rare because the marbled fibres melt away creating that beefy taste you get when sprinkle beef-stock on food… And that is what you should have at Sizzle. Or the T-Bone. But whatever you do don’t line yourself up with the Top Sirloin even if it says it’s the chef’s favourite cut (it really says that) because it stops being about the meat and starts to be about the seasoning and the presentation.

It’s a nice place to be, the ambiance is dark and warm and the wood panelling with cow-art is fun. It can get hot and the tables aren’t very big but at the end of the night you go home knowing that at least you’ve tried something different and new.

Rocks: One of the few places that does a lot of beef
Knocks: Probably the most expensive meat on the island

Sugar Bay, Hastings
Reservations: +1(246)622-1120
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