Tapas Barbados

Tapas is one of the few gems on the south-coast that has cashed-in on the fact that the boardwalk is a great place to lime. The location is ideal and the angle is perfect. They even have a small couch outside so you can sip your rosé at sundown… Facing the right way.

The menu at Tapas is varied and they have nailed the important dishes in a way that means allows you to know exactly what you’re having every time you go. The menu varies with everything between a fish of the day served on olives-capers-fresh-tomato-sauce-with-a-side-of-garlic-mash and a Chicken Tikka Masala… Consider all bases covered. Their pastas are excellent and presentation is great.

The waiters at Tapas have the highest level of initiative we’ve experienced on this rock and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air. They love getting things done, doing things well and every time they do it shines through. Regularly we watch them modify dishes, bring salads together and pull drinks out of thin air with genuine interest and a massive smile on their faces.

The tables by the car-park are actually the prime location; they are the place to be. If you can shimmy yourself onto one of them early enough with a good group of friends you will have the best golden hour that the South has to offer. The drinks are perfect, the waiters remember you and your usual drink so when the boardwalk is buzzing with sunset-joggers and diners start arriving, you get some of the finest people-watching in Barbados.


Tapas, Hastings
Reservations: +1(246)228-0704
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