Mr Delicious

Mr Delicious Barbados

Mr Delicious is basically a bus on the sand at Miami beach that serves you food from so high up you look around in case there’s a step you’re supposed to use. The beach is a actually a healthy, happy spot for Bajans with massive picnic tables and coolers so big you could hide a family of four in them. The bus serves the best fishcakes on the island and that is a statement and a half because there isn’t a soul on this rock who would accept that fishcakes other-than-their-own are any good. “Dey even have any fish in dem?”

Yes. They do, and they’re perfect. The crispiness is ridiculous and the balance of saltiness is excellent. We actively head out to Oistins just for fishcakes. The fish cutters are actually flying-fish, they’re crispy and the relish is where the magic is. You can queue for ages if you’re not careful. Arrive on time, order fast, wait.


Miami Beach, Oistins, Christchurch
Contact: +1(246)233-3354
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