Mojo's Barbados

Mojo’s want you to know that it’s a bar that serves good food all day long and without interruption. It’s definitely a bar and that limbo of waiting for your table is perfect at Mojo’s because the bar is fast-paced and the drinks are spot on. You’ll always end up chatting to the people around you and invariably see them again sooner or later. There’s a buzz around the fact that they grow some of their own vegetables and their chicken is organic. There’s an even bigger buzz around their burgers and people will go as far as saying that it’s the best burger in Barbados. We will never forget the day we were giving a Bajan burger-recommendations for her trip to NYC and she turned it all down saying that “nothing will ever beat her favourite Mojos Burger”.

The secret behind most world-class burgers is the combinations of cuts and fats that get blended together for the patty and there is a war raging about what exact combination works best. Then you have the question of the bun/brioche and finally the process. The beef in the burgers at Mojo’s isn’t complex and if you manage to try out some of the new-order burgers you will realise quite quickly that Mojo’s hasn’t taken that magical step yet. That said, the Pulled Pork is excellent and even the Veggie Burger is excellent. Every Tuesday is about Burger Specials and they  reveal their concoction on their Facebook that morning. The fries… are excellent.

The salads are some of the best on the island because they’re not bowls of lettuce. They have real nutritional value and real vegetables with an incredibly clean finish. We would add that it’s one of the few places that caters for vegetarians better than most.

Mondays: Vegetarian Special & Live Music
Tuesdays: Burger Specials
Reggae Wednesdays
Throwback Thursdays


South Coast Road, Worthing, Christchurch
Reservations: +1(246)435-9008
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