Kia Sportage 2016 Review

Kia Sportage 2016

3 Testers. 3 Angles.

The Kia Sportage is possibly the best-selling executive car in Barbados and the new one is a massive step forward. We really wanted to have a play so we called them up and asked if we could test-drive it… And they said yes. What we decided to do was scoop up three people from different walks of life to see how the Sportage works for them.

Our three amigos were told that they will be test-driving a car and that they had to be 100% open and honest about what they thought. We rode with them to look for signs of joy and what might annoy. Conclusion: We had a brilliant day out.

James, Civil Engineer
Current Car: Nissan X-Trail
Single, 34 Years Old
Loves: Working out
Gets Irritated by: Technology


Suzie, Supermum
Current Car: 2013 Kia Sportage
3 Children, 45 Years Old
Loves: Home-making & Entertaining
Gets Irritated by: Traffic & The Hiccups


Lalita, Lawyer
Current Car: BMW 1-Series
Single, 32 Years Old
Loves: Good Food
Gets Irritated by: Negativity


James Suzie Lalita
Handling Feels solid. Sturdier than the older Sportage. Super safe. Smoother than my 1-Series.
Exterior Great job on the new body. Much sleeker but I prefer my old Sportage. Really nice in white and I like the new lights!
Interior Really spacious. Is it bigger than before? Really clean and modern. Much bigger than I expected. I like it!
Sound System Awesome, JBL make the best speakers. The speakers are high up. I hear it all so well! Good bass, good volume. Great sound.
Technology Pretty intuitive. Bluetooth is cool for my music. Easy. Must also get used to reversing camera! Making calls is the best bit for me and they can hear me really well.
Day-to-Day Very versatile, love the seats. Super comfortable. The boot is much lower which is much better for loading shopping. Bigger than what I’m used to but I feel safe.
Overall Definitely top of the range which makes it worth the money. They’ve really improved so much and made some big changes. Never thought I would have enjoyed that test drive as much as I did. Glad I tried.

Final Words

From the outset, the simple fact that we test-drove it gave us the chance to get past the marketing and straight to the point. You will always have the salesman in the back seat whispering about the joys of the car you’re in and every now and again he will surprise you. MQI have some veterans who know a thing or two about selling cars.

Kia have gone all out on the Sportage. The new body is definitely a massive improvement and Suzie’s comment about the boot being much lower took us out of test-mindset and helped us realise that we have to use it in our routines… Not just playing around with our cameras. She had a very good point because loading shopping into high cars is a pain so just by redesigning it lower Kia have managed to solve that.

Everybody loved the seats in the Kia and they found it very comfortable even after a long drive. The steering wheel is sporty and the buttons on it make the technology distraction-free. It was no time before our three testers were changing the volume and making calls. The mic was actually pointed at the driver so the caller could hear them really well. You’re still a shouter if you’re sat anywhere else and want to get in on the conversation.

Using the touch screen came naturally and everyone figured it out in seconds. The controls are well designed and they managed to pair their phones on their own. The screen then turns to camera view when you put her into reverse. Add that to beep sensors and the fact that you have a driver’s licence and you have no excuse to park badly. Wouldn’t that be the day… When we don’t need to complain about other people’s parking.

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