Hastings Farmer’s Market

ArtSplash Farmer's Market Barbados

Every Wednesday and Saturday, between 8am and 2pm the South Coast has only one place you should be. On a Wednesday it’s the perfect place for a work lunch and on Saturday you should be showing your family what you tasted the other day.

The market is a pretty simple u-shape walk-through with different food stalls like Gianluca’s wood-fired grill, Cliff Bakery’s delivery and even crepes – savoury and sweet. Every week they manage to get in a new vendor with a different spin on food and it just brings work lunches to life. Gone are the repetitive days of choosing between the same three places. Now we have an always evolving market… And we can pick up our fruit and veg whilst we’re there.

If we had any advice: get there early, buy Cliff Bakery bread and then go back to work. The chances that anything is left by 1pm are quite low… Especially now that everyone is clocking on. Olive, sea salt and herb loaf. Lord. Almighty. Best bread we’ve ever tasted. That said if you go early you will probably be able to pick yourself up a croissant or two with a coffee and you’ve got your breakfast sorted. Not the cheapest breakfast but definitely the treatest breakfast.

Some of the farmer’s markets are really good for socialising and people go more for the friends than the produce but in Hastings the produce lives up to the rest and, that, is a major breath of fresh air. Saturdays are good for coffee drinking on the terrace and they serve Lavazza so you can’t go wrong.

There’s a massive children’s playground behind the building with slides and bouncy-castles and even a masseuse and/or reiki specialist in case you need a sudden fix!

Wednesdays & Saturdays 8am-2pm


Artsplash, Hastings
Contact: +1(246)228-0776
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