Cuzz Fish Cutter Barbados

If you remember your childhood before you became moral about McDonalds you’ll remember how good it tasted. Those were what we call unit-burgers; you weren’t supposed to be able to tell the difference between all of the ingredients but when they came together you would feel something you got no other way. Cuzz does just that. No one has ever claimed that you’ll find the freshest fish ever served or the finest cuts or even the best fish for a cutter (he serves blue marlin by the way). But when you put all the magic together there is an irrefutable feeling that he’s on to something.

Thank goodness his cutters aren’t anywhere near as dangerous as a Big Mac but the more you go the better it gets. Try an all-in-one (fish, slice of cheddar, fried egg, lettuce) and add ketchup, mustard and hot sauce and you will join the millions of people who talk about it. He even got his buns perfect. Nothing else is served. Nothing else needs to be said. Cuzz is perfection.

The queue can easily take 20-30min so take your time and don’t get there hungry.


Pebbles Beach, Garrison, Bridgetown  |  Map