Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar Barbados

The Tiki Bar is that place you can end up at every single day and never get bored of it. It feels comfortably homely, the service is good, the food is great (for a beach bar) and their cocktail list is ridiculously well furnished. They can make you anything and they’ll do it well. The music is chilled all day long and there’s always a stretch of Bob Marley tunes before sundown. It’s one of the best places to be during the golden hour and the crowd gets better the closer you get to 6pm.

One of the bars with the most ex-pats on the island, you will find a mix of everyone getting together and you can get talking with pretty much anyone there. Definitely a good idea if you’re alone and want to get out the house. Get yourself some sunbeds and waste your weekend away while the ice in your drink melts.


Reservations: +1(246)435-8074
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