The Good Life

The Good Life Barbados

This is one of the only vegan restaurant on the island… Not vegetarian, vegan. No feta in that salad! But they do serve the staple alcohols so all is not lost. In fact they have one of the best smoothies in Barbados and they do a pretty good Sunday brunch too.

Their salads are amazing and their wraps and sandwiches are perfect and really hit the spot. They use a lot of garlic so do beware. That said, if you order their 2mm-Lavazza espresso you can easily replace that garlic with coffee. If you’re not a vegan then you’ll want to aim for their rice dishes which let you forget there’s no meat but don’t fall into the trap of ordering their ‘chickin’… Like chicken… just not chicken. It’s not the best we’ve tasted and with such a solid menu there’s no point trying to look for substitutes. Embrace the vegan revolution and let it guide you through its own palette of wooing. The Good Life is synonymous with vegan restaurants in Barbados.


Behind Quayside Mall, Christchurch
Reservations: +1(246)435-6322
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