The Golden Anchor

The Golden Anchor Barbados

For all the reasons you could choose to seek out rum shops, there is one at The Golden Anchor that stands out: the Thursday night pub-quiz. The island’s one and only Quiz-Master Extraordinaire, Terry, hosts his mind games at different joints on different days but this one is where the magic is. They make an incredible baked chicken with more than the usual Mac-Pie sides… Not a lie, they serve Gratin Dauphinois. Great variety of booze behind that crowded counter of theirs but don’t be fooled, there’s even more when you ask for it.

Be sure to arrive early because the kitchen gets very busy during the pub quiz and you can find yourself waiting quite long. I will always claim that it’s worth the wait but if you are like any of us, your quizzing mind will not function on an empty stomach. And what do points mean? Prizes. Note to non-pub-quizzers: I’m not good at quizzes isn’t a thing. The genius behind a pub quiz is that some of the knowledge is so niche that you will undoubtedly be the person who ends up winning that round because you happen to have worked on a cruise ship with a friend called Mike who once lived in a banana plantation and THAT’S why you know about banana varieties.


Holetown, Highway 1
Reservations: +1(246)248-7572
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