The Cliff

The Cliff Barbados

The Cliff’s reputation preceeds it so you can hardly find yourself dining there without preconceptions and expectations clouding your view… or palette. The basics: The view is stunning and the bar area is possibly the best on the island. The layout is spacious and the food is perfect. If you’re accustomed to dining well around the world I would be tempted to say that there is a bit too much pomp and circumstance around The Cliff which led us to arrive almost expecting a personal firework display and foods from around the universe that I had never heard of.

Arrive with a relaxed mindset and go with the flow because you will ruin your own experience if you start watching out for things you don’t usually care about. The innumerate candelabras create some stunningly intimate ambiance which should help slow things down and the waiting staff are all well trained. Go forth and indulge. Remember that there is a two-course minimum and because it’s so expensive you will find yourself spending more than you wanted to no matter what you do.


Highway 1, St James
Reservations: +1(246)432-1922
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