Surfer’s Cafe

Surfer's Cafe Barbados

Do you walk around in a rash vest with long sun-kissed hair and pearl-white teeth? It’s irrelevant. There are two tables on mini balconies at the end that seat two. If you go for breakfast you know where to sit. The breakfast menu is mainly combinations of a full-English and then a fruit-bowl with yoghurt and honey. Get there early enough and you’ll see School of Surf meet there and prep for their surf lessons of the day.

The smoothies at the Surfer’s Cafe are good but we wish they were with fresh fruit. The bar is a cool place to go on a Wednesday night. You’ll always find some live music and a good group of open people from around the world.  That said it’s definitely a core hangout for Oistins-lovers and it’s hard to go there without bumping into people… Even if you’ve just arrived. Barbados is a small Rock and the entire world ends up here one way or another. The staff will recognise you and they’re super friendly and always give you good advice. It really is what it says it is; a surfer’s cafe.


 Oistins, Christchurch
Reservations: +1(246)420-9283
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