Sea Cat

Sea Cat Barbados

If you haven’t been to Sea Cat then you’ve probably heard that it’s a rum shop deluxe, and that’s exactly what it is. The fish is great and the menu is broken down so easily. Depending on the catch of the day you choose your fish grilled, fried or blackened before picking the sides and then you wait. Incidentally try their lemonade, it’s definitely a sidestep from what we’re used to and it’s good. If you can try the barracuda you’re winning. The garlic mashed-potato was one of the best we’ve had to date and their vegetables were grilled to perfection – let’s not forget that we’re getting grilled vegetables in a rum shop and that, is far from common. The final touch was the salsa they used for the fish; it’s unique to SeaCat and one of their greatest assets too.

There is no doubt that when the eldest Rapson sat down to work on the menu he was afraid of nothing and his imagination has worked wonders. The tastes on most dishes are delicate and light but the dish we didn’t need to order was the fried okra. It’s a dish you rarely find so it’s always worth the excitement because it balances so many different tastes and textures. Not this one sadly.


Highway 1, Holetown, St James
Reservations: +1(246)422-6802
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