Santi Barbados

It hasn’t been open long at all but Santi has definitely declared its presence in Barbados. It’s one of the better beach/restaurants on the islands with a good Euro-styled terrace and the customers to boot. It’s a great place to have a few bottles of rosé on ice whilst you poke and shake with a group of friends. The music is always good and the service isn’t bad but can be quite slow or your order can get mixed-up quite easily. Their rum punch isn’t bad at all and their selection of drinks is wide enough for most.

The beach side is brilliant and spacious with beautiful people everywhere but their beach menu isn’t the same as their restaurant menu (although it’s still served on plates). For some reason your options on the beach revolve around a lot of deep-fried stuff and if you think about it, beach people are the ones trying to look good. Hand them steamed kale on a bed of super-food nuts glazed with amino acids and other health-oriented madness… Or at least a normal menu from the kitchen.


Next to Lonestar, Highway 1, Standfast, St James
Reservations: +1(246)254-5157
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