Primo Barbados

People say Primo is ‘West coast menus at south coast prices’ and we’re not sure we agree but it’s certainly waterside dining with a Euro-style menu. So obviously if you’ve just flown 8 hours from London we’re guessing you’re not already hunting down fish & chips for £20. They did get creative with a few dishes like the puff pastry with brie and asparagus but on the whole you will probably be familiar with most items already. The crown glory of their menu is the desserts so if you go then it’s probably best doing drinks and a dessert to share. Death by Chocolate does exactly what it says on the tin.

What Primo does best is the bar. In fact there are two of them! The first bar is indoors and is very reminiscent of Cin Cin but this is no surprise because it’s the same owner. The art is all super-chic and funky and the seating space is large and open so it feels a bit like a bar in a NYC hotel. We definitely suggest sitting at the bar so you can chat to the barmen and get more exciting drinks. Then there’s the outdoor bar which is a bit more Barbados, a lot more relaxed and it’s also good for smokers. The service is very hit or miss so flip a coin and hope for the best.


Rocks: Location and setting
Knocks: Expensive boring menu

Primo, St Lawrence Gap
Reservations: +1(246)573-7777
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