Parliament Museum

Parliament Museum Barbados

Without a doubt, one of the best visits in Barbados and also one of the least well known. It’s easy to say museums are boring but did you know that you can sit in on parliamentary sessions and walk around the House of Assembly. Not an ounce of a lie, the opposing sides are specifically two-sword-lengths apart. The walls are made of Bajan coral stone and the historic significance of the artefacts are unrivalled.

Parliament Museum Barbados

The stain-glass windows are unbelievable and it’s so easy to walk right past so much detail without even picking up on it. If you can, ask for a tour so you can really get to grips with what you are walking around in. If you think about it, the principal difference between Parliament Museum and pretty much any other museum is that the building is in use every day and hasn’t been set up just for you to look around… You are walking through a living, working moment in history.

Parliament Museum Barbados

Check for times on their website and see if you can sit in on a session. They are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays and nothing would make us happier than the MPs turning up with swords just so we can confirm the two-sword-length rule.

Once you’re done there you can head through the actual museum itself which pays an awesome tribute to the National Heroes of Barbados. There is a unique piece of art, an artifact and a story for each of them and they all tell very different stories. Once might even say that we need different styles and different approaches to best reach our common goals. Each of them played a specific role in creating the Barbados we know today.

Such a good outing and it was actually relatively short. Good times all round.

Barbados Parliament Museum, Bridgetown
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