Paddle Barbados

Paddle Barbados

Paddle Barbados has got the perfect location and this is what will keep them at the top of their game. What we discovered was that beginners were able to practise, sheltered from the wind, whilst intermediate paddlers could do some touring around the Carlisle bay shipwrecks and the surfers can catch the waves that comes in by the Hilton. Basically it’s perfect for everything and that’s honestly impressive.

We rented masks and snorkels and paddled out to the marine park where we saw turtles, wildly-coloured fish and got a good work-out. Jason is an awesome instructor and told us that the way back would be more effort because of the wind… Yeah, he was totally right. They can take you on 2-hour paddle tours which is brilliant when you’re in a group and definitely if you’re a beginner.

The best bit is that they do week-long rentals, which is awesome if you’re on the west coast because they will drop the board off for you and come pick it up again when the week is over.

The boards and paddles were all top notch and Jason teaches the newbies really well, which leaves the rest up to you. It’s not expensive at all and once you get into it you’ll be converts like the rest of the world. Become a member at The Cruising Club and you start getting discounts on everything too.

Now they’re delivering. We aren’t making this up – they want you to paddle. Give them a call and ask if they can deliver to you so that you can keep the board all week and they will pick it up at the end. Easy.

The obvious advantage is that you can paddle – stop – paddle – stop – paddle – stop… And that’s actually how you become really good. Enough people have passed through claiming they’re good paddle boarders! They suck! So don’t suck. Get your act together. To the best of our knowledge they will deliver anywhere down the south or west coasts and, unless you’re Louis XVI, you have free reign. Unless you break the board… It’s fair to assume they won’t appreciate that. Almost free reign. You hear that Louis? Almost.


Barbados Cruising Club, Pebbles Beach
Contact: +1(246)249-2787
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