Marco Polo

Marco Polo Barbados

Marco Polo is a rum shop run by a hands-on English couple who have brought the best of British to the best of Bajan. All of the Bajan staples are on the menu and they’re a lot less oily and fatty. Their fish is clean and fresh, their mac pie is as good as any and their wedges are spot on. Their fishcakes are surprisingly fluffy and super crispy but they’re not as spicy as we’re used to so we felt as though we were waiting for more taste… but with the texture that fluffy we would forgive them for anything. Someone needs to tell us how they did it!

Every Friday night they have a fish’n’chips night where they bring Britain to Barbados and then layer it with some karaoke. The best part is how it’s a mix of locals and tourists and that’s a pleasure in its own right.

What we also loved was their ordering system. It’s weird to make a big deal over something like this but they all walk around with tablets and to order they tap on photos of the food. Totally awesome. The service itself is in our top 5 of Barbados. They are thoughtful, polite, always make sure everything is clean and your order is perfect and then the moment people leave they turn that table around in no time. Amazing.

A real gem to the east coast, we wish a lot more learned from them.


Marco Polo, The Crane
Reservations: +1(246)271-2583
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