Lunch at Cin Cin

Lunch at Cin Cin Barbados

Work lunches are getting better in Barbados and, when you realise what Cin Cin is serving, $89 never felt so useful. What’s the biggest problem with work lunches? It’s that we get back from a heavy lunch and pass out at our desks. It’s also the bestthing about work lunches! We have spoken to them and if you quote ‘I Love This Rock’ when you get there, you will get a glass of wine on us. You’re welcome.

Cin Cin has given us a light option (so we don’t pass out) and heavy options. The light route starts with the roasted beetroot salad, roasted pinenuts, goats’s cheese-balls and the obvious mixed leaves. The goat’s cheese was the star of that course but it wouldn’t have been complete without the pinenuts. Nice move CinCin. Nice move.

Still on board? We then went with the fish of the day which was (drumroll) Mahi-Mahi and it was cooked to perfection. The alternative was the lamb cutlets but that was a little oily so we rated our fish.

It’s the perfect balance… Until dessert arrives and you realise there was no point in eating light. There’s nothing to say here… Dessert is dessert is dessert.

The heavier route we tried was an oxtail and mushroom risotto (truffle oil included) followed by the braised pork hocks. Frankly, it was a suitable meal for a Swiss mountain cabin in the dark depths of winter but an hour later, mission accomplished, we had passed out.

We might leave work with pen blots on our forehead and paperclips in our hair but it was worth every second. Bring on the summer!

Quoting ‘I Love This Rock’ will get you a free glass of wine on us until the end of May. The lunch menu continues until the end of June.


Cin Cin, Holetown
Reservations: +1(246)424-4557
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